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When I read about Envion for the first time, I thought it was a joke about miners’ electricity, and that’s a good joke. But reading more I began to realize that Envion can become a successful business model based on cryptocurrency mining. Only here you are always welcome, together with you have no equal!

It is very obvious that electricity is one of the most important and expensive resources when talking about the cryptocurrency mining, whether it is bitcoin mining or mining altcoins. That’s why I think the idea at the origin of the Envion project is one that truly adds value to all the parties involved. Why do I consider the idea of ​​the Envion project very brilliant? Because in mining when you can buy energy at reasonable prices, the profit grows greatly in the medium and long term. Another factor that is important when talking about mining farms is the very large amount of electricity consumed. The Envion project management team solved the problem of the limitation of local electricity resources and creates mobile mining units, modular containers that can use power electricity directly from the source. Good luck having online gambling australia legal may your entire dreams the reality soon along with several keys to press!

Thinking of strategic and long-term solutions, the management team of the Envion project has thought everything to go beyond the limits of competition. So instead of buying local power suppliers and depending on fluctuating and unfeasible price conditions, they chose to rely on renewable energy at first hand, that is, directly at the producer, without paying the distribution costs. As a business to be profitable in long-term, Envion has thought of a plan to attract investment from more little and big investors by offering EVN tokens as a part of the company’s profits. You may look for a starburst spielen right here, an individual have time to acquire it!

Using the latest breakthrough technology of the blockchain, Envion has created a system based on the virtual Ethereum machine as a smart contract that makes it possible to issue EVN tokens based on algorithms. Each Envion Token being rated at a pre-determined value is then distributed in exchange of an investment amount invested in the project. Tokens distribution is based on ICO – Initial Coins Offering and involves the collection of investment funds. It is a relatively new and very popular funding system in the world of projects that are based on blockchain, cryptocurrency.

Given that Envion’s business is totally innovative as it was designed, it attracted thousands of contributors, investors who became part of the system by initial coin offering tokens distribution over the past month. Because one of the most important aspects of the system is to participate in the company’s profits of the investors, depending on the number of EVN tokens bought relative to the invested amount. So the Envion project has gathered more than 40 million in less than a month, the amount that ranks the Envion project among the most successful ICOs of the last few months. What exactly did he contribute to this success of the company behind the Envion project? Fixing Blockchain & Energy Industry Problems this project was created Beyond the Limits. If we look closely at the way this business has been linked to the trends of the century, then we will certainly understand and agree that Envion is a recipe for success and a prototype of a mining business, a smart contract blockchain, renewable energy and good, profitable investments in a decentralized business. For more details and for ICO distribution you can visit Envion ICO official website.

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